Everyone has to start somewhere. I started with cats.

When I was 11, I managed to land myself on a roleplaying cat website through a friend. (Reserve your judgements until the end, please.) I loved the community so dearly I wanted to become a manager of the site, so I did everything I could to be worthy of promotions. This included drawing cats. About two years later I achieved head position on the website, with the member count at about 5000. I got bored. Besides that, I realized "cat website management" may not be something employers are looking for. Wait -- employers? What employers?

Where did "cat art" evolve into "art career"? Great question. I was becoming bored of cats, so naturally I became obsessed with cartoons and anime. After all, weren't humans supposed to be a challenge? However, in freshman year of highschool I got a harsh but truthful review of my strictly anime portfolio from a Digipen professor, jumpstarting me into the world of real life drawing. I loved it.


I still indulge in cartoon styles and anime, but I am forever thankful for that Digipen artist. With a solid foundation in life drawing and only 17, I find myself ready and confident to break the art world. I want to pursue the next challenge -- inspiring others as others have inspired me. I do everything from portraits to 3D mermaids with neon hair. So don't be a stranger, let's talk about art! (But if you want me to draw a cat for you, that's extra charge.)